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Shadows Over Falkonia

And Still They Came ...

While Mr Wells' official history of the Anglo-Martian War was a masterly tale, it failed to acknowledge the struggle in other nations, within Europe and elsewhere. Scattered Martian Fighting Machines threatened population centres from Lagos to Lahore, Boston to Brisbane, St Petersburg to Shanghai.

Four years after the failed Martian invasion of Earth, a minor province of the ailing Austro-Hungarian Empire struggles to rebuild. Some favour independence for Falkonia, and seem unconcerned about the means they employ. Others seek closer links with the Great Powers, who have scavenged for Martian science and technology.

Author(s):AJ Smith & Tony Mitton
Game EMail:ajhentzau AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
Tony Mitton   
Andrew "AJ" Smith   
Lead GM:AJ Smith
Game System:None
Information for Players:In "Shadows Over Falkonia", a disparate group (including local aristocracy, military, scientific researchers and even a notorious "monster hunter") finds itself trapped in a remote toll-house. Themes include the effects of accelerated scientific progress, patriotism and the crumbling of empires.

This game forms the "pilot episode" for an adventure series, set in the aftermath of the Martian War. In a sleepy backwoods province far from the Heart of Empire, the characters must survive an external threat - if their own internal divisions don't destroy them first.

There are two Neutral slots. In the context of this game, these are characters for which both Male and Female versions exist. All characters are gendered Male/Female, at least insofar as this is the face they show to the (pseudo-Victorian) outside world. (There is more flexibility regarding how they perceive themselves; please discuss this with the GMs, if this is relevant). Some potentially strong relationships are established in character backgrounds; however, the exact nature of these (friendship, romance, etc.) can be determined between the players, during the game's opening phase. (In case of disagreement, "Shyest Player Wins").

Mechanics will be cinematic/abstract; combat may happen, but will be resolved via GM Fiat. (Death might occur very late in the game, but mortally wounded characters can expect to totter on until it's most cinematic to expire).

Although some Mad Science exists - based largely on extrapolations from scavenged Martian technology - it shouldn't be a dominant feature of the game. (Characters should not expect to build their own Fighting Machines during the game - sorry!).

A few elements might offend/upset, and hence the GMs have requested an 18 rating. These are: drug use; abduction; the line between patriotism and terrorism - and in backgrounds only: treatment of unwanted children, and experimentation on humans. (Please discuss any worries with the GMs).

Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 6
Female Players:Min: 6 / Max: 6
Neutral Players:Min: 2 / Max: 2
Total Players: Min: 14 / Max: 14
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Mitton, Tony

Smith, Andrew

AJ appears under a contract from Rent-A-GM™.