"Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day." (C. G. Jung)

The physical Notorious Consequences is Cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation. Instead, we plan to run an online convention throughout November. More detail will be forthcoming as we work out the details.

Meet in the Tavern

On the edge of the Dark Valley, the Wizards Tower, full of sinister traps and foul tricks awaits the unwary. The most sinister and foul of all is the terrible wizard in the tower of torment whose fiendish machinations have drawn the ire of heroes from across the land.

Before they set off to the Tower, they Meet in the Tavern. To discuss their plans, find potential allies, and then when darkness falls and the portal opens they can travel to the Terrible Tower of Torment.

Meet at the Tavern is a tongue in cheek scenario in which you play the characters you can meet in the tavern just before a great adventure. Some will play heroic adventurers while others will play sceptical locals. The locals will seek to minimise collateral damage to the valley while the heroes will be looking for some advantage or hidden clue to help them in their fight*

Will you save the Grand Duchy from calamity? Can you bring peace to the Domain of Darkmoor™? Dare you take on the Tricks and Traps of the Terrible Tower of Torment?

The Destiny of Darkmoor™ is IN YOUR HANDS!

* No Quests included, Scenario ends before they leave the tavern, may contain goblins, always read the label.

Author(s):Kol Ford
Game EMail:kolin AT system-override DOT com
Kol "Kol" Ford   
Lead GM:Kol Ford
Organization:Omen Star Productions
Information for Players:We encourage costumes for this larp. Fantasy medieval. Tabard and belt is sufficient, but more is welcome.
Home Page:Omen Star Productions
Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 8 / Max: 20
Total Players: Min: 8 / Max: 20
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Ford, Kol

Kol Ford was first loaded into the back of a van carrying larp kit over 20 years ago and never quite managed to get over it. Writing, designing and producing weekend larps eventually gave way to writing short clever little scenarios.