"Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day." (C. G. Jung)

The physical Notorious Consequences is Cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation. Instead, we plan to run an online convention throughout November. More detail will be forthcoming as we work out the details.

Faustian Speed Dating

Faustian Speed Dating is a LARP about sorcerers and demons exploring potential partners for infernal Pacts in a speed dating scenario.

"Sorcerers" are mortal humans who have had some terrible thing happen to them that makes them want to change the world and/or themselves in dramatic ways. (Said traumas are the source of many of the game's content warnings.)

"Demons" are beings from Hell that are each thematically centered around some emotion, feeling, or sense. They are slyly attempting to convince Sorcerers to give their eternal soul to them to be tortured forever in exchange for great power. Said eternal tortures are often existentially or psychologically challenging. (And are also the source for many of the content warnings.)

This LARP has a very comedic setup, but there is dark, serious content. The tone of given conversations is ultimately driven by the players. There may be substantial tonal shifts from conversation to conversation. (Character sheets contain both lighthearted and/or amusing facts about the characters as well as tragic and/or dark facts, and players may be discussing either with one another, depending on the nature of the demons and the preferences of the sorcerers.)

This game contains references to taboo sexual practices.

Players can expect to spend the LARP in a series of short one-on-one conversations and a few small group discussions. Much like a real speed dating event.

This LARP is inspired by another LARP, Speed Dating for Heiresses.

Author(s):Rain Wiegartner
Game EMail:adinatschreiber AT gmail DOT com
Cameron Betts   
Adina Schreiber   
Lead GM:Adina Schreiber
Information for Players:Content warnings for this game include: death, damnation, eternal torture, sexual torture, humiliation, suicide, existential horror, psychological torture, death of family, memory loss, loss of self, mental illness.

Players will receive very brief character descriptions, two pages of general info and rules for speed dating, and one page of either demon or sorcerer specific information in advance via email. Casting will be done in advance via a simple casting form.

Full character sheets will be provided at the door, and they are one page each of bullet points. Players are encouraged to expand on them as much as they like during play. All characters are written without specified gender; gender is up to the players.

Costuming is encouraged, but not necessary! The game is set in the modern era, and sorcerers may show up in street clothes, their best ritual robes, or anything in between. How well any given demon passes for human is up to the player.

Male Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Players:Min: 8 / Max: 10
Total Players: Min: 8 / Max: 10
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Betts, Cameron

Cameron has been running games at Intercon since the last century, but this is only his third consequences. His preferences lean toward very few mechanics and just a smidge of lightheartedness. He believes that the most powerful thing in LARP is a connection with another character, and he hopes to produce games that will produce and enhance those connections, and that will avoid overshadowing or disrupting them.

Schreiber, Adina

Third year at Consequences, traveling from Boston. Consequences Bid Com member. Intercon Proposal Com member. NEIL board member. Editor of Game Wrap. NELCO staff. LARP blogger. Live-combat and theater style enthusiast. Costume Diva. Anglophile. Fairy/poison type Pokémon.

LARP magis, LARP optimum.