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Once Upon a Time in Tombstone is a freeform roleplaying game set in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881. Players assume the roles of Tombstone locals and visitors and experience some of the excitement and romance of life in the old West! Once Upon A Time in Tombstone is based on Hollywood westerns past and present. The films that inspired us include (the links take you to the entries in the Internet Movie Database):


You should also check out Thirty Great Westerns


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Costume Creation

Laughing Moon sewing patterns

Past Patterns sewing patterns

Folkwear sewing patterns

Costume Hire

All I can offer here is the (now very dated) London costume hire page on this site - any updated information gladly received.

Costume Sales

Sutlers ready -made and bespoke costumes and props

Sheplers hats, boots, western wear

Denim.com has links to stores selling western gear

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