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Across the Universe is a freeform role playing game in which players take the roles of visitors at a convention. The visitors are both local and from very far away.

This game is 18+
Although the game has many lighter strands, there are strands within it that contain dark and disturbing themes.

The game is not an occult game.
The game is not a Cthulhu game.
The game is not a superhero game.

The game allows certain characters to look closely at issues of identity. There are therefore opportunities to play characters of a wide variety of types and genders including humans, aliens, artificial constructs and pan galactic entities.


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Red Dwarf
Warehouse 13
Men in Black
Bill and Ted
Doll House
Back to the Future

Galaxy Quest
Blade Runner
Burton & Swinburne
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The works of H G Wells

A longer list of influence can be found here. You may also want to see some inspirational quotes to get you in the mood


Because of the wide variety of characters present, there will be a widely varying opportunities for imaginative costuming. Some characters will effectively be in 2017 street clothes whereas others will have plenty of scope to use their imagination.


Some characters will use mobile phones and tablets in game. There will also be scope for other use of technology by some characters. As with the costuming, players will have the opportunity to choose a tech savvy character or an absolute non-tech or anything in between.

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