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Across the Universe is a freeform roleplaying game set at the Sci Fi convention called Convergence 64 at a hotel in Retford. The convention has 4 strands, Hard SF, Psy-Fy, Science/Steampunk and invasion/conspiracies. The characters in the game are a wide mix of individuals from across the convention strands plus a few more down to earth characters. 

As you approach down the drive of the hotel, you notice a number of different vehicles in the car park.  Some of them have been very cleverly made to look quite fanciful.  Obviously copies of vehicles from many of the shows you will have seen and books you’ve read.  The large space ship apparently merged through the fabric of the hotel is a piece of set-dressing genius.

However, this may not turn out to be your ordinary down to earth convention.  If the opportunity arises to fly space ships or move through time, do 6 impossible things before breakfast or save the world in less than 3 ˝ minutes, that would not be any of the con committee’s doing and we do not accept responsibility.  

 For much more information about the game, the books, films and series that inspired it and some related original works of fiction please see our Across the Universe convention website



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Information - FAQ - Registration - Casting - Venue